Testimonials, confesions

“Cedar Farm was my first experience abroad. I can say it was a great experience, pleasant both in material and sentimental terms, because I made many friends and learned many new things there. My advice to you is: try this experience, because it woths it!”
Badea Gheorghe,
Com. Munteni, Judet Buzau

“I worked for Cedar Farm. I had a great life experience. Some days were very beautiful, others less so (I mean very busy, hard work, little sleep). In the end I was very pleased. Thanks, Tatiana.”
Razvan Alexandru Moise

“I attended the 2008 agricultural season where I can say I gained experience in agriculture, this way becoming able to figure out how agriculture is conducted in England. I believe that this experience will be useful to me both in the agricultural domain and in other fields of work in the UK, where I becomed familiar with the English financial system; and especially in Romania.”
Mihai Stoesescu

“The experience I had at Cedar Farm was a good one, although it was a hard work, I was happy with the money I’ ve earned. Tatiana helped me a lot and I thank her so much; she is a great lady, hardworking and beautiful.”
Corina Selegean

“I attended the 2008 green beans picking season in Cedar Farm and I am very pleased. I highly recommend this farm because it has all utilities, a great team and a game room with various leisure facilities for spending free time. Salary is honestly earned by work, so you can gain much money.

I am here for the first time, but I dream of the date when I’ll get back. I will also bring my brother. For the 2009 season I recommend you to apply  with Tatiana Geogea ( Best Opportunity S.R.L. ).”

Petrut Daniel Plosca
Targu Mures